Celebrating a Living Legend

Erasmus Alexander Kwabla (EAK) Kalitsi, Former Chief Executive of Volta River Authority (VRA)

Ten Interesting Things You Should know about EAK

  1. When the Ghanaians took over from the British administration of the country, Erasmus was appointed District Commissioner in a number of small cities including, Keta, Sunyani and Sogakope.
  2. EAK was the Chief Resettlement Officer for the Volta River Authority (VRA) in 1963 and started the resettlement process for more than 80,000 people spread across 700 villages.
  3. Kwabla Kalitsi was appointed Director of Finance of VRA only 5 years into his VRA career in 1966 and named Deputy Chief Executive in 1971.
  4. Chief Executive Mr. Kalitsi played a pivotal role in the interconnection of Ghana’s electrical system and those of her neighbouring countries. In recognition of his role he received several international honors including “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mono” of the Republic of Benin and one of Italy’s highest awards “Cavaliere del Lavoro.”
  5. As a graduate student at Harvard University, EAK became good friends with Robert Kennedy who went on to become a US Senator and a US Presidential Candidate. He was often hosted in the Kennedy’s home.
  6. In the early 1980s, he worked for the World Bank in Washington DC as an economist.
  7. EAK has visited all seven continents in the world and visited over 70 countries. While living and working in Jamaica, he would spend his weekends with his boys visiting every single parish in Jamaica and took a keen interest in the Rastafarian culture.
  8. One of his very best friends in life was the late G.W. Amarteifio who was a nephew to J.B. Danquah and later became Mayor of Accra.
  9. He played the best man role many times! He was the best man in the wedding of Professor Albert Adu Boahen who became a famous Ghanaian Historian and an NPP Presidential Candidate and was best man to one of his best friends Mr. Chris Vanlare.
  10. Uncle Kwabla, Grandpa Kalitsi, family man, former boy scout, and a known workaholic, admits he would have liked to have taken more time to celebrate his many many milestones birthdays.


EAK, Time cannot erase your legacy!

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