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The Nongor Weight Reset Online Bootcamp is a transformative journey towards better health and wellness. Led by Coach Selasie, this comprehensive program offers personalized guidance, effective strategies, and ongoing support to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals. With a focus on holistic well-being, including nutrition, fitness, and mindset, the bootcamp provides the tools and resources individuals need to reset their bodies, revitalize their energy, and reclaim their vitality.


As Coach Selasie celebrates her 50th birthday, testimonials pour in from alumni of her Weight Reset Online Bootcamp, showcasing the profound impact she has had on their health and wellness journeys. From long-time resetters who embarked on the journey six years ago to newcomers who joined just a month ago, the consensus is clear – Coach Selasie’s program is transformative.


FAQs from The Resetters Alumni Group


Q – How did you discover Coach Selasie’s program and what prompted you to join?


Nobleladie Tabitha – I stumbled upon Coach Selasie’s program through her inspiring story and transformations. Seeing her journey motivated me to join Reset 10 in 2021.


Nana Yaa (Quadsmom 2018) – A friend, Lawyer Dorothy, introduced me to Coach Selasie’s reset program. Joining Reset 5 in 2024 was a life-changing decision for me.


Michella – I first heard about Coach Selasie and her reset program through Selasie herself, but it was a mutual friend who had been on the program and underwent a remarkable transformation that inspired me to sign up.


Ekua Bartlett-Mingle – I first heard about Coach Selasie and her reset program when I stumbled upon her story on Facebook in 2018. Her journey resonated with me, prompting me to delve deeper into her program.


Natania Bartlett-Mingle – I discovered Coach Selasie’s reset program through my mum, who had remarkable results after joining. My mum encouraged me to try one reset with her, and it was truly life-changing.


Amazing Grace – I first heard about Coach Selasie and her reset program through my husband, who was her mate in university. Our connection grew stronger when she launched her Nongor brand on Facebook, prompting me to join. I was searching for healthier options to manage my weight and get fit, and Coach Selasie’s program seemed like the perfect solution.


Q – What transformations have you experienced since joining the program?


Michella – I’ve experienced significant weight loss and adopted healthier habits. The focus on water intake and weight maintenance has been refreshing.


Nana Yaa (Quadsmom 2018) – Since joining Coach Selasie’s program, the changes in my life have been profound. New family who believe in healthy stuff on the resetter page. 

A lot of important healthy tips and learning new things every now and then.

Weight loss, checked! 

Healthy eating and drinking, checked! 

Staying hydrated all day, checked! 


Natania Bartlett-Mingle – Through Coach Selasie’s program, I’ve learned to make healthier choices and prioritize mindful eating. The resets helped me realize that my body thrives on nourishment, not overindulgence.


Q – Could you share some highlights of your journey with Coach Selasie’s program?


Margaret Parker – Despite challenges, I’ve shed a significant amount of weight and feel healthier than ever. The boot camps provided invaluable support, and the focus on education is what sets this program apart.


Kate Neequaye – Under Coach Selasie’s guidance, I’ve experienced significant weight loss, improved health, and heightened confidence. The structured approach of the program was key for me.


Nobleladie Tabitha – Undoubtedly, staying focused presented a significant challenge, particularly in the initial phases. However, through the program, I learned the importance of discipline and consistency, paving the way for lasting results. The journey, though arduous at times, was immensely rewarding, with each milestone reaffirming my determination.


Q – How has the program impacted your overall well-being?


Ekua Bartlett-Mingle – The personalized approach and supportive community have been transformative for me. Nongor Products have contributed to my improved well-being.


Nobleladie Tabitha – The Nongor Sunshine Tea and Rich Green Blends offered as part of the program proved to be invaluable assets in my journey. Not only did the Sunshine Tea help suppress hunger, but the Rich Green Blends facilitated smooth and regular bowel movements, contributing to overall well-being.


Margaret Parker – My overall experience with Nongor Products has been very rewarding. I love the Nongor products as they are of high quality and have contributed positively to my health journey.


Kate Neequaye – One of the most challenging aspects of the program has been balancing work commitments with the reset routine. However, the rewards of achieving my ideal weight and experiencing improved health have made every challenge worthwhile.


Q – What makes Coach Selasie’s program stand out from others you’ve tried?


Amazing Grace – The tailored approach to address women’s hormonal needs distinguishes this program. Despite challenges, the rewards have been significant, both physically and emotionally.


Nana Yaa (Quadsmom 2018) – While I hadn’t previously engaged in structured programs, I only try to stay healthy in my own small way. But being on the reset has changed me a lot.


Kate Neequaye – What sets this Reset Program apart from others I’ve participated in is its departure from self-planned fastings and exercises, which were not sustainable for me in the past. Coach Selasie’s program offers a structured approach that prioritizes sustainable lifestyle changes, making it more effective in the long run.

Nobleladie Tabitha – What sets Coach Selasie’s Reset Program apart is not just its effectiveness in achieving weight loss goals, but the comprehensive support and guidance provided throughout the journey. Unlike previous attempts at weight loss where I faltered due to lack of knowledge and guidance, Coach Selasie’s program equipped me with the tools and resources needed to stay committed and focused for the last 3 years.

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