Reflections and Dreams: Journeying into Afia Drah’s Mind

The sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the cityscape before me. The evening air was tranquil, as if the world itself paused for reflection. In this serene setting, I found myself contemplating my upcoming milestone birthday and the memories and lessons that shaped my life.

Amidst the beautiful twilight sky, I realized that stepping into this new decade was the catalyst for change. Fear, the invisible barrier that often holds us back, seemed to vanish when we embraced the unknown with determination. This newfound wisdom opened up a world of possibilities, urging me to break free from comfort and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

As my thoughts wandered, Italy came to mind—a place that could captivate me for a lifetime. Rome, in particular, held a special place in my heart. Within its ancient walls, I found spiritual freedom and a connection that transcended denominations. The flavors of Italian cuisine, which I lovingly recreated in my kitchen, deepened my affection for this captivating country. The old city, with its cobblestone streets and tales of love and passion, resonated with me.


In my profession, I discovered a sense of purpose. Communication became my tool for change, allowing me to uplift individuals and communities. Collaborating with social impact organizations, each project held the promise of a lasting positive impact. For nearly a decade, I immersed myself in the healthcare industry, aligning my work with my purpose. It was a privilege to witness the transformative power of my efforts, and each day, I felt grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

Beyond my career, cooking brought solace and joy. What began as a hobby turned into a profound passion. The kitchen became my sanctuary, where I found solace in creating culinary masterpieces. Each dish I crafted was an expression of creativity and love for storytelling. It allowed me to draw parallels between food and narrative, carefully designing and plating dishes to evoke emotions and engage the senses. Hosting events became an extension of this artistic expression, creating memorable experiences for guests.


When contemplating sharing a meal with a historical figure, Jesus stood out. He arrived on Earth with a mission to simplify and revive faith, but his message became distorted over time. I yearned for a conversation with Jesus to understand the true meaning behind his teachings and gain insight into heaven itself.

Gratitude enveloped me as I reflected on what I was most thankful for. I embodied a generation blessed with second chances, embracing the opportunity to live life more fully. Each day, I expressed gratitude to God for the chance to learn from past mistakes, grow, and embrace the present.

On the eve of my birthday, when asked about my wish list, a lighthearted anecdote came to mind. I remembered a time when someone asked about my heart’s desire, and I innocently shared my desires with God. It reminded me that the most precious gifts are often intangible. Yet, if I were to express my deepest wishes, I would dream of a journey to Italy to immerse myself in its timeless beauty once again. And, with vulnerability, I would quietly long for the gift of twins, leaving it in the hands of the divine.

As the sky painted shades of amethyst and sapphire, I closed my eyes, feeling the gentle breeze on my face. With each passing year, I felt a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to explore the mysteries that lay ahead.

Filled with profound gratitude for the incredible life I have lived, my heart whispered a sincere prayer for unwavering growth, boundless love, and an enduring passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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